Banggood dropshipping

I’ve bought from Banggood personally but was interested to see they have a dropshipping program

We have over 80,000 products across a wide range of categories including: apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty, jewelry, and watches.  Every product we sell has been carefully selected to offer the best quality and highest value. To stay fashionable and current we are continually in the process of updating our product offerings to provide the latest gadgets electronics fashion and more.


1. No joining fee
2. Immediate access to our full product range and product details and pictures.
3. No minimum sales volume requirement on first level
4. 3% – 10% drop ship discount
5. No need for your own warehouse storage, inventory or shipping
6. Free shipping for some countries.
7. Free tracking number on orders over $25
8. Exclusive drop shipping weekly deals newsletter
9. Focus on selling and gain profits
10. There are no costs until a sale has been made making Cash flow simple.


Head Office

Room 608 HaoQuan Building
Jichangdongmen Road #1 Jingtai Street
Baiyun District