All wrapped up dropshipper

In order to participate in our Drop Ship Program you will need to first fill out our Application Form and agree to purchase our CD Rom which contains all photos and copy from our current catalog as well as a Price List format to create your own price list. (CLICK HERE ) We create two CD Roms each year, Special Occasion and Holiday. You may choose to purchase one or both of these for a cost of $50.00 each, depending on which of our products you choose to feature on your website.
( We DO NOT authorize the use or downloading of information from our website for your purposes. We will not agree to continue our partnership as Drop Shippers if you choose to do so.)

PLACING an order: Place an order with us via FAX ( 954-587-2144) or E-MAIL ( only. Please provide all pertinent information necessary to process your order. Click Here to view our Order Form for specific information required. You may print this order form, fill in the information and FAX it to us once it is completed, or you may fill in the form on line and submit it as an actual order.
It is the responsibility of the Drop Ship Member to verify stock availability prior to placing an order with us. You may view the Stock Update page on our website which is updated daily to provide you with accurate and timely information.