Bisket baskets

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How does it all work?

    1. Submit your Enrollment form online.
    2. Receive your “Welcome Letter”.
    3. Begin adding our images to your website.
    4. When you receive an order, place your order online within our store and give us all the details.
    5. We will ship the gift for you – and pass back to you the shipping carrier and tracking numbers.
    6. You will then pass the shipping information on to your customer and charge them.

What are your Benefits?

    1. No inventory to stock.
    2. No overhead.
    3. No overpriced membership fees or risk.
    4. Up to 30% Discount off our MSRP.
    5. Active members have no monthly fees.
    6. The only drop ship gift basket supplier that offers a full line of pet gifts as well as gourmet gift baskets.
    7. You simply put our gifts on your site and begin selling.
    8. You decide the selling price therefore controlling your profit margin.
    9. Our gifts are not pre-packaged and sitting on a warehouse shelf but we begin designing every gift after your order is placed to ensure excellence and freshness.

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