Vitamin Power Dealer

The demand for these high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, sold exclusively through independent dealers, retail stores and health professionals since 1975, now requires expansion of our distribution network. We are inviting you to participate as a Vitamin Power Dealer without any registration costs, franchise fees or royalty payments

As a Vitamin Power Dealer, you’ll be entitled to:
Confidential Factory-Direct, Below-Wholesale Pricing.
Earn 100% Mark-Up Profits (and More).
Step-By-Step Marketing Training Manual.
Bulk Quantities of the Vitamin Power Catalog That Can Be Personalized With Your Business Identity.
Sales Aids & Marketing Tools.
Personalized Dealer Website.
Vitamin Power’s Full-Service Warehouse Is YOUR Warehouse.
Nationwide Drop-Shipping Service.
No Inventory Investment Required.
No Minimum Purchase Obligations.